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Here at South Coast Wood Shop I take pride in making your vision become a reality.  

Have had the great opportunity to build all types of furniture.  I have built book cases, shelves, birdhouses, long boards, skate boards, various types of tables, cutting boards, rocking horse and have been known to paint from time to time.  Some of these have been one off total custom pieces and others have been reproductions.  I enjoy the skill, patience and detail needed to make a piece of furniture without using any screws or hardware.  Working with jointery is rewarding and keeps the old traditions of woodworking methods alive.  Custom furniture is great as it is custom to your needs.  You can get the exact size you need, put in secret compartments, provide cable management for entertainment pieces and combine multiple ideas into one masterpiece.  


Nothing lasts forever.  For an older piece of furniture, or ones that gets a lot of use, the finish can wear down or joints can become loose.  This can be a family piece handed down or just a nice piece you have owned that is starting to show its age.  To repair this, furniture needs to go through the refinishing process.  I will inspect the piece to make necessary repairs, both structurally and cosmetically.  Next I will sand and prepare for refinishing.  After this work is completed it will bring new life into the piece and look as good as the day it was originally constructed. 


One fun project I worked on previously was a toy box made from old doors I got from the Galveston Historical Foundation Resale shop.  There are pictures of the toy box in the gallery and above.  I had to get a specific door type and size as the toy box had specific dimensions.  It is just a good example of repurposing materials to make some beautiful pieces.  I have also used rock to make tables, reused granite, used old wood from homes being demolished and more. No limit to the imagination.  Reach out to me if you have an idea you would like to talk about.

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