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Hi, my name is Mick.  I have always been a creative person and always liked building things.  I started woodworking almost 10 years ago as a hobby.  Through word of mouth I started to get a few commissions.  I decided to make a website and catalog my projects and show off my work to people looking for woodworking services.  I truly enjoy making peoples vision into a piece that they add to their home.  If you can dream it I can build it. 


Sometimes people come to me knowing exactly what they what.  Other times they may have a few ideas but need help putting their ideas together.  I will ask several questions to try to draw information from them to narrow down their vision.  We also discuss wood types and budget.  Wood costs vary greatly between the different types of wood so sometimes I can find a similar looking wood that has a lower board foot cost.  Construction methods can also affect the cost.  

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